Yamaha Upright Pianos

Setting the Standard by Which Uprights are Measured

In 1900, Yamaha changed the way the world thought about uprights.
More than a century later, Yamaha continues to redefine what an upright can be with thrilling innovations that make the world’s most popular pianos even better, year after year.
By taking everything we learned from handcrafting the world’s finest concert grand pianos and literally flipping it on its head, we’re able to bring the rich, resonant tone and reliability of our acoustic pianos to players of all levels at an incredible value.

Yamaha YUS Upright Models

Yamaha YUS

Handcrafted, sharing many features of the flagship CF series pianos.

Yamaha U Upright Models


Over 60-year legacy of use by performers, conservatories, teachers and students

Yamaha P Upright Models

Yamaha P22

Industry standard studio design. Ideal for home and institutional use

Yamaha B Upright Models

Yamaha B

Culmination of a century of crafting fine pianos – modestly priced


The World’s Grandest Upright

A closer look at YUS Series pianos reveals many shared features with our flagship CF Series concert pianos. For example, for instance, are the hand-wound German strings and concert quality hammer felts. Likewise, is the meticulous voicing and regulation that produces a wide range of tonal colors. Additionally, the YUS pianos are more reminiscent of a grand than a traditional upright. In other words, it is quite simply the grandest sounding upright of them all.

YUS Yamaha Room


The World’s Most Popular Upright

First, the precise, ultra-responsive touch and full-bodied tone of Yamaha U Series pianos have made them the top choice of professional musicians, conservatories, teachers, and students the world over. Secondly, from the moment you touch the keys, you’ll know why their legendary attention to detail and reputation for reliability earns the U Series the title of the world’s most popular upright for over half a century.

Yamaha Piano U Series

Hailed as the World’s Most Acclaimed Acoustic Upright Pianos for Over 50 Years!


Responsive, Resonant and Reliable. Built to Deliver for Dedicated Students Time and Time Again.

Yamaha Upright Pianos

Ideal for daily use in homes, schools, studios and religious institutions, the rich, resonant P22 is the clear choice for passionate players who require a reliable instrument that delivers exceptional tone time and time again. With an evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard, the P22 offers consistently superior sound and a responsive touch for powerful projection and a lifetime of musical satisfaction.

Yamaha P22


An Upright for the Next Generation

Acoustic Upright Pianos
The b series are built to inspire new players and experienced ones alike. However, the b Series pianos are both elegant and compact. In addition, they feature responsive keyboards and produce clear, resonant tones. In conclusion, we brought everything we learned from over a century of crafting pianos to create instruments that budding virtuosos and accomplished musicians will find a complete joy to play.

Yamaha B

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