Yamaha Silent Pianos


Yamaha’s Silent Pianos combine the best of Acoustic and Digital Pianos.

Then Yamaha’s market leading Silent Piano™ technology is added to enable the piano to be played silently using headphones. When the silent function is activated, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module. Play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others. The Yamaha Silent System is unsurpassed, allowing 24-hour practice as well as possessing many other features including a range of pre-installed sounds, being able to record your own performances or connecting mobile devices to use the latest Apps.

Yamaha Silent Pianos allow the pianist to ‘turn off’ the acoustic sound and play in superb digital reproduction through stereo headphones.

Silent vertical piano models include: B1SG2, B2SG2, B3SG2, U1SH, U3SH, YUS55H

Model B3SG2


Grand Pianos

Silent grand piano models include the GC1SH, GC2SH, C1XSH, C2XSH, C3XSH, C5XSH, C6XSH and the C7XSH:

Model GC1SH, 5’3″


Yamaha Silent Pianos

Model C1XSH, 5’3″



Yamaha Silent Pianos

Transacoustic Pianos


An acoustic piano with volume control, or a digital piano with strings?
Yamaha’s latest development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The TransAcoustic is a new breed of piano. At its most basic level, it turns the soundboard into a “loudspeaker.” This means that any sound can be delivered through this naturally resonant piano component. Because the instrument is a real, fully strung and resonant piano, the natural, sympathetic vibrations of the soundboard, case and, significantly, strings, add a completely new dimension to performance. The sampled sounds come to life with a brilliant realism no other instrument has approached.

TransAcoustic grand piano models include the GC1TA, C1XTA, and the C3XTA
TransAcoustic upright piano models include the YUS5TA, YUS3TA, YUS1TA, and the U1TA

Model GC1TA
Model U1TApiano

Yamaha Silent Pianos

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