Yamaha P22 Upright Pianos

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Responsive, Resonant and Reliable. Built to Deliver for Dedicated Students Time and Time Again.

Yamaha P22 Upright Pianos

Ideal for daily use in homes, schools, studios and religious institutions, the rich, resonant P22 is the clear choice for passionate players who require a reliable instrument that delivers exceptional tone time and time again. With an evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard, the P22 offers consistently superior sound and a responsive touch for powerful projection and a lifetime of musical satisfaction.
P Series pianos are mid-range models with high-end quality and features. These pianos are built with Yamaha’s care and attention to detail, giving them excellent tonal reproduction and the sensitive, quick responsiveness of the Yamaha keyboard and action mechanism. Designed for schools and rehearsal areas, these Studio Pianos are often chosen by experienced players for both home and professional use. Yamaha specifically seasons this piano for the U.S. market. The tuning stability, finish and overall musical integrity are enhanced over the long life expected of a fine piano.

Soundboard: Solid Spruce
Soundboard Ribs: Spruce
Back Posts: 5
Bridge Construction: Two-piece separated
Wood seasoned for destination: Yes
Frame: V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process
Key Material: Seasoned Spruce
White Key surfaces: Acrypet
Black Key surfaces: Phenolic Resin
Fallboard and lid lock: Yes
Pedal: Soft/Mute/Damper
Caster: Single
Weight: 527 lbs (239 kg)
Also available as: SILENT Piano
Finishes: Satin Ebony, Dark Oak, Satin Walnut
Dimensions: Width 60″ | Height 45″ | Depth 24″

The Yamaha P-22 Upright piano has 2 locks – one on the fall board and one on the lid. The Yamaha P22 features this dual lock to keep the instrument safe from harm when it is not being used in a public space. Do not worry if you lose the key they are all universal!

Finishes for the Yamaha P22 Upright Pianos

Acoustic Upright Pianos
Satin Ebony

Acoustic Upright Pianos
Satin American Walnut

Acoustic Upright Pianos
Dark Oak

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