Yamaha Clavinova Pianos

Yamaha’s line of Clavinova digital pianos are the most technologically advanced piano keyboards in the market.
We carry many of the most popular and newest models of Clavinovas, including the CLP series and the CVP series.


The Yamaha CLP Clavinova captures the truest piano sound through a piano sound source recorded from a world-class Yamaha full concert grand piano. The superb keyboard piano touch allows the player to fully express emotions in sound. We have not only refined all performance-related elements, we have unified them into a piano capable of reproducing the player’s original intentions. The result is true grand piano-like expressive capability, which we call “Real Grand Expression.” With a beautiful appearance that makes you think of an upright piano and genuinely useful functions, these are digital pianos that refine to a high level everything you want for enjoyable piano performance.

The CLP Models include:

CLP525, CLP535, CLP545, CLP575, CLP585, CLP565GP.

Model CLP545


Model CLP565GP


Model CVP609


The Yamaha Clavinova CVP Series has a rich, subtle sound and exceptional dynamics from the gentle pianissimo to the powerful fortissimo. These keyboard piano models offer hundreds of MIDI instruments, and many include effects, large full-color display screen, fully orchestrated styles and accompaniments, and even built-in karaoke. Internet Direct Connection (IDC) functions expands music enjoyment. The ultimate family-friendly instrument.

The CVP Models include:

CVP601, CVP605, CVP609, CVP609GP

Model CVP-709GP

Model CVP-609

Model CVP-601

This video shows an overview of the CVPP700 series:

Watch this 2 minute video showing the new CVPP700 keyboard piano series audio functions. They can play back audio files, perform advanced functions such as Vocal Cancellation, Pitch Shift and Time Stretch and more.

avantgrand – hybrid PIANOS


The AvantGrand is the perfect piano for pianists who require a great touch, beautiful sound, small footprint, moderate price and no tuning costs. Yamaha created the AvantGrand, the world’s first and only true hybrid piano, to satisfy a need that could not be served by digital pianos that just don’t feel like acoustic pianos, or by traditional acoustic pianos that have higher prices, larger footprints, and regular maintenance requirements. A true hybrid piano is enabled by digital elements for the sound but also real mechanical elements for the touch. In the AvantGrand, the digital elements are as good as they get. Spectacular sampling of the acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand and highly advanced sound reproduction make it sound like a fine acoustic piano. The first of its kind action combines a modified acoustic piano action with the new Tactile Response System that recreates the vibrations that until now were absent from digital pianos. An action that feels like the real thing because it is the real thing!

Avantgrand models include the N1, N2 and N3:

Model N1, 39″


Model N2, 40″


Model N3, 47″

The AvantGrand:

  • weighs only 35% of a traditional concert grand piano because it doesn’t have the heavy cast iron plate, the massive rim or the hardwood laminate pinblock that acoustic pianos have
  • takes up 50% less space than a traditional concert grand piano because it doesn’t have the expansive soundboard of an acoustic piano
  • needs no tuning because there are no strings
  • feels like a high-quality acoustic piano because it has the exact same action as in a high-quality acoustic piano and recreates the vibrations felt with an acoustic piano
  • has a moderate price because it doesn’t contain many of the expensive elements that are required in a traditional acoustic piano. A great New York Times article & video by David Pogue that illustrates the AvantGrand’s amazing capabilities.

As the newest addition to the AvantGrand lineup, the AvantGrand N1 delivers the captivating sound of this hybrid piano series in its simplest form. The AvantGrand N1 easily does justice to the grand piano in terms of playing feel and responsive action, setting a new standard with its perfect integration of acoustic and digital technologies.


Featuring the same grand piano action as the Avantgrand N3 in a form that molds beautifully to any wall, the Avantgrand N2 is an instrument for the future, yet one that holds firmly to its identity as a grand piano. With a revolutionary speaker system and a touch that simply compels you to play, the compact form and feel of this elegant piano exudes refinement. For piano-lovers wanting a grand piano for small spaces, the AvantGrand series now offers yet another choice.


With a design embodying the latest in technology, Yamaha signals a new direction for the piano. The Avantgrand N3 is the flagship model, and the ultimate expression of “Innovation with soul.” A piano keyboard and pedals indistinguishable from those of a grand piano. Stunningly authentic tactile response. Speakers with the authority and presence to deliver flawless sound… The AvantGrand N3 weaves advanced technology into an extraordinary design that gives form to Yamaha’s aspirations for the future.

NU1 Hybrid Pianos

Introducing the NU1, a hybrid piano from Yamaha that combines the traditions of an acoustic instrument with the innovation of digital technology. Featuring the same acoustic piano action used in Yamaha upright pianos, and a refined, compact design, the NU1 is the perfect choice to bring the renowned Yamaha sound to any home.

  • The superb natural feel of a real piano action
  • Experience the stunning sound of Yamaha’s premier concert grand piano in the comfort of your home
  • Alluring elegance that complements any room

Yamaha Silent Pianos


Yamaha’s Silent Pianos combine the best of Acoustic and Digital Pianos.

Then Yamaha’s market leading Silent Piano™ technology is added to enable the piano to be played silently using headphones. When the silent function is activated, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module. Play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others. The Yamaha Silent System is unsurpassed, allowing 24-hour practice as well as possessing many other features including a range of pre-installed sounds, being able to record your own performances or connecting mobile devices to use the latest Apps.

Silent Piano models allow the pianist to ‘turn off’ the acoustic sound and play in superb digital reproduction through stereo headphones.

Grand Pianos

Silent grand piano models include the GC1SH, GC2SH, C1XSH, C2XSH, C3XSH, C5XSH, C6XSH and the C7XSH:

Model B3SG2


Model GC1SH, 5’3″



Model C1XSH, 5’3″



To learn more about the Yamaha Silent Piano, click here.