We carry the largest selection of W. Hoffmann pianos in the country.

The best possible choice for customers seeking a high-quality European piano that is moderate in price.  The W. Hoffmann line of pianos is produced by C. Bechstein.  The pianos are hand-made by the most expert craftsmen in a new C. Bechstein factory in the Czech Republic, near Bechstein’s German factory.

The W. Hoffmann was created by C. Bechstein to have a delightfully lyrical, European tone and a sublimely fine touch that derives from C. Bechstein’s exceptional expertise in piano design and fabrication.

Their persuasive European qualities include an impeccable touch and a nuanced voice. The W. Hoffmann Vision instruments are made in Europe and offer good value for money.

The “T” Series is the most popular Hoffmann line of piano models. Other models are available as well.

Grand Pianos 

T 161 (5’3”)

Hoffmann Pianos

T 177 (5’10”)

Hoffmann Pianos

T 186 (6’1”)

Hoffmann Pianos

Upright Pianos

T 128

Hoffmann Piano

T 122

Hoffmann Piano


The W. Hoffmann is a marvelous creation from C. Bechstein that is unsurpassed in quality for a moderately priced, European built piano.  It has the beautiful, bell-like sound that is the hallmark of high-end European pianos and it has the superbly responsive action that is pure C. Bechstein.

Read this fantastic article reviewing the W.Hoffmann Piano by the Juilliard School and past Faust Harrison Chief Piano Technician!

Hoffmann Pianos

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