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We are America's foremost retailer of rebuilt and used Steinway pianos,with over 100 Steinways in inventory.


We hand-pick our Steinways. This is particularly important since no two Steinway pianos are the same. We carefully select Steinways that meet (or have the potential to meet) our uncompromising standards.

We operate the world’s largest piano restoration factory. Our highly-skilled craftsmen utilize our proprietary processes to rebuild vintage Steinway pianos to their full original glory. We set the standard for rebuilding quality and the market recognizes this- while the prices of our newly rebuilt Steinways are competitive, they re-sell for considerable premiums to pianos rebuilt by others. The “Faust Harrison rebuilt Steinway” is a highly sought-after brand in and of itself.


The Making of a Steinway

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The making of a Steinway piano is a time-honored process involving the hands of many skilled craftspeople over the course of almost a full year. Steinway & Sons pianos are built in just two factories worldwide – one in Astoria, NY and one in Hamburg, Germany.


Our friendly sales staff collectively has one of the largest repositories of Steinway piano knowledge and expertise. Our clients depend on this to help them find the right piano that they and their families will treasure.


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