We pay top prices for used pianos and pick up across the USA.

We pay top dollar for used pianos.  We buy used Steinway pianos, Yamaha and Kawai pianos, as well as Bosendorfer, Bechstein and other European used pianos. Other piano brands we purchase are Samick, Essex, Young Chang and Boston pianos.

We also offer a consignment option where we sell your piano for you on a consignment basis and will achieve for you the most money possible for your piano.

We provide fast and accurate estimates.

Private, we do not share your information with anyone.

We sell used Steinway pianos, and restore 100+ Steinway pianos a year. Our Steinway pianos price from $10,000 for a Steinway upright piano, to $80,000+ for a concert Steinway grand piano. Rebuilt and used Steinway piano prices: Steinway M $45,000; Steinway L $55,000; and Steinway A $65,000. We also carry other brands of used pianos including Baldwin and Kawai Pianos.

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