Steinway Piano, Model Upright, 1895

Steinway Piano, Model Upright, 1895


Serial #84951 Steinway & Sons 54″ upright piano with two sculptured bronze sconces. The mahogany case is hand painted by Arthur E. Blackmore, showing pastoral scenes, classic motifs, floral decorations and leaf-sprays around centered vessels. The piano has recently been supefrbly restored with new strings and new action parts, so it is not only a fine work of art but also a magnificent instrument.

English-born artist Arthur E. Blackmore executed and signed the painting in 1895. Blackmore was employed as a Steinway artist for twenty years before succeeding J.Burr Tiffany, of the renowned Tiffany family of New York, as head of the art department at Steinway in 1913. Blackmore decorated only a small number of Steinway pianos, several of which are now exhibited throughout the United States.

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