Kimball Piano, Model Baby Grand, 1986

Kimball Piano, Model Baby Grand, 1986


Serial #44821 (4′ 6″) This Kimball Petite ebony baby grand looks terrific, fits in a really small space, and has a surprisingly beautiful tone for its size. It’s the perfect piano for a family that uses a piano for personal entertainment. It can also be used as a fine starter piano. When you’re ready, trade it up to a more advanced instrument. You’ll have a full ten years in which to decide. So long as the trade up piano is at least twice the price of this one, you’ll get your full purchase price credited in the trade.

This piano was thoroughly evaluated by our expert technicians who then brought it to our highest standards.

We are owned and operated by professional pianists who are committed to achieving excellence in pianos. We operate the largest piano restoration facility in America. Our commitment to quality is uncompromising and we earn our reputation every day.

All of our rebuilt and used pianos carry our best-in-class WARRANTY and TRADE UP POLICY.Google Reviews

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