Bechstein Grand Piano Models

Bechstein Piano

Model B 160
5’ 3”


Compact in its dimensions, nonetheless rich in musicality and volume as well as precise in its performance. It is proved to be among the very best of its size in the entire piano industry, second only to the premium C. Bechstein L167.

Model B 175
5’ 9 ”


The model B175 medium-sized grand delivers an exceptionally fine piano playing and listening experience for the home.  In its size and price range, it has no equal.

Model B 190
6’ 3”


A brilliant, clear tone with a broad range of sound and colors. Its keyboard and action assembly are easily controlled and respond to each variation of touch. A mid sized room will be well equipped with this musical instrument.

Model B 208
6’ 10”


An instrument suitable for all music repertoire, proved to be ideal for institutions and the musical home. Allowing a professional musician to practice and prepare. With a generous sound board size it is capable of generating a broad spectrum of sound and a large dynamic range. Keyboard and action assembly are precise and responsive.

Model B 228
7’ 5”


The new Bechstein Piano semi concert grand provides a thrilling experience. Sophisticated technology and a great sound volume. The B 228 is a top class grand piano with an overwhelmingly powerful sound.

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