Affordable, Experienced, Professional Piano Tunings

We provide top-quality piano tunings professionally and affordably. As the region’s most reputable piano retailer, our staff of expert piano tuners provide high quality piano tunings equally to our own and our clients’ pianos. Each piano is treated with the same level of care, attention to detail with a focus on optimal tone and responsiveness.

All of our piano tuners are accredited and have graduated from top piano trade schools.  They all provide concert-quality piano tunings and a wide range of technical piano repairs. 

Piano Tuner Tuning New York

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    Our professional piano technicians are fully qualified to provide all of a piano’s service needs:

    – Fine Tuning
    – Concert Voicing
    – New Strings 
    – Player Piano Tune Up

    – Pitch Raise
    – Action Regulation
    – Dampp-Chaser Installation
    – Furniture Repair

    Piano Tunings

    Tuning Frequency

    The importance of regular piano tuning
    Regular piano tunings should be performed to maintain a piano’s condition, which affects both its overall playing condition and its resale value.

    Pianos are complex instruments! If one part is performing incorrectly it may be damaging other parts of the piano. Regular piano tuning can prevent any such damage as the piano tuner will fix a problem before it propagates. Also, some issues are undetectable to the casual piano player so having a qualified professional regularly evaluate a piano can prevent small problems from turning into large ones. Since not all piano tuners are also piano technicians it is important to use a piano tuner who has been properly trained in piano maintenance.

    Regular piano tuning helps build string “strength.” After several regular tunings the pitch will not stray as quickly.  Pianos should ideally be tuned 2-3 times per year, especially in the North-East and Mid-West, namely, once per season, as temperature and humidity changes with each season, and these climate changes cause pianos (which are made of wood) to go out of tune.

    If a piano has not been tuned for several years it may require additional tuning work, such as Pitch-Raising, a pre-tuning process that prepares the strings to be tuned. Or Double-Tuning, when a quicker ‘chip’ tuning is performed before the second ‘fine’ tuning several days later. A double tuning is done because the tuning process itself can cause weak strings to quickly go out-of-tune.

    Piano Care

    Properly caring for your piano will enable it to look and perform well for decades.
    Follow these basic tips

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