Piano Storage

Located alongside our showrooms and piano restoration center, our clients’ stored pianos receive the same care and attention as our own pianos.

Key piano storage factors

As the Tri-State area’s largest piano dealer, our piano storage rooms are highly secure, fully insured and carefully climate-controlled to ensure pianos safety in all respects including from the elements.

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Piano Storage


Our stored pianos are fully wrapped, first with thick padded blankets (to protect them from physical damage), and then with plastic wrap (for extra protection from moisture). They are then mounted on frames to keep them elevated off the floor. Lastly, thick layers of cardboard are placed between pianos to add further protection.



Climate (both humidity and temperature) is a key determinant of a piano’s life. It must be maintained at moderate and constant levels to preserve the integrity of the many wood and felt parts in a piano. Furthermore, direct sunlight adversely affects pianos. Our windowless piano storage facility is kept at a moderate, constant climate year-round, 24×7.



Pianos are valuable. Our piano storage facility is locked at all times in a building that is alarmed, safeguarded with security cameras, manned 365 days a year, and fully insured. Designed specifically to house, showcase and protect hundreds of pianos, it is the right facility to protect and store your piano.

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