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The Faust Harrison Pianos Blog provides information and answers to the questions our customers have been asking regarding digital pianos and acoustic pianos. Faust Harrison Pianos restores acoustic pianos and carries the entire line of Yamaha’s Clavinova Digital Hybrid upright and grand pianos. We also carry a large selection of new and used acoustic upright and grand pianos.

September 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

🎶 A Piano Recital for 4 Hands 🎶

** Free Piano Recital & Concert **

Venue: Faust Harrison Pianos in Fairfield CT (click)

piano concert

About the Artists

HUI-MEI LIN (huimeilinpiano.com)

A native of Taiwan, made her New York solo debut at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall as the winner of the Artists International Competition. She was described by the New York Times as “an excellent pianist throughout” and the Taiwan News as “a sensitive and powerful pianist.” Concert tours have taken her to Italy, Canada, Taiwan, including two concerts at the National Concert Hall in Taipei sponsored by the Taiwanese government, and various cities throughout the United States. Her media broadcast include solo performances at PBS (Maryland), WQXR (New York City), Taiwan Television and China Broadcasting Company.


Young Hae Han

First prize winner of the prestigious Dong-A Music Competition in Korea, pianist Young Hae Han has performed with major symphonies in Korea as well as orchestras in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Rochester and New York. Her performances were described as: “… elegant performance of Mozart… Her precise and delicate playing… was a joy to hear.“ by Santa Barbara News Press. “… inner warmth, humor, and passion, with solid technique and various tone colors gave audience joy. “ by The PIANO magazine, Korea.


Faust Harrison Pianos

322 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06825

Faust Harrison Pianos showroom is located just off Exit 24 on I-95
Please RSVP: Steve@faustharrisonpianos.com 203-333-8400

August 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

At Faust Harrison Pianos we offer recital space for our customers & our teachers!!!
If you are a teacher and would like to get involved, please call or email us! We have FOUR super showrooms through-out New York and Fairfield CT.
Families also love having their musical events at our locations.

Contact us for more info at 800-723-1570

Fairfield, CT          White Plains, NY          Manhattan          Long Island, NY


faust harrison pianos recital and concert space

Faust Harrison Pianos Recital & Concert Space

we offer recital space for our customers & teachers

We offer recital space for our customers & teachers!

July 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog


The Faust Harrison Pianos Team

The Faust Harrison Pianos team at the Piano Technicians Guild Conference
(from left to right)

Josh Faust (CEO), Kevin Busse (Field Technician), Andy Chung (Field Technician), Jose Castro (Rebuilding Factory Technician), Michael Jurewiez (Senior Field Technician),
Beau Clark (Service Coordinator), Hyogo Kimura (Field Technician), Hillary York (Director of Technical Services), Bobby Avey (Field Technician)


The Piano Technicians Guild Conference was help in Lancaster PA at the Marriott Downtown and offered spectacular displays showcasing the Concert Grand Pianos along with lots of information regarding the build, the action, the soundboard and the overall message of the company:

Providing the best in service, design and playability!

June 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

The NU1X, a hybrid piano from Yamaha that combines the traditions of an acoustic instrument with the innovation of digital technology.
Featuring the same acoustic piano action used in Yamaha upright pianos, and a refined, compact design, the NU1X is the perfect choice to bring the renowned Yamaha sound to any home. 

  • Combining the traditions of an acoustic instrument with the innovation of digital technology. Featuring the same acoustic piano action used in Upright pianos, and a refined, compact design.
    • The superb natural feel of a real piano action
    • Experience the stunning sound of Yamaha’s premier concert grand piano in the comfort of your home
    • An elegant complement to any room
    • Keep your playing polished with USB recording
    • The authentic feel of a grand piano pedal
Yamaha Nu1X Headphones and USB Connections

Yamaha Nu1X Headphones and USB Connections for Recording and for Silent Playing

Yamaha Nu1X Main Controls

Yamaha Nu1X Main Controls


INSIDE THE INSTRUMENT: Yamaha NU1X Clavinova Piano

real piano hammer action

A Beautiful Upright Piano with real hammer action; available in a Polish Ebony or Polish White Finish

May 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

This Steinway & Sons Piano is from 1894 and is signed by the New York City artist Arthur E Blackmore.

From our research, it appears that he was about 40 years old when he painted this piano and added the detailed embroidery.  Here at Faust Harrison Pianos, we come across many interesting pieces of art.  

“Music is art and a profound part of our culture”

This piano is in for service and will be in top performance shape once our technicians are finished working with it. 

Visit our Instagram Account for more visual pictures of this masterpiece and his signature!
(click on pictures or link at bottom)

Steinway & Sons 1894 Piano

Steinway & Sons 1894 Upright Piano

Steinway Piano 1894

Steinway Upright Piano from 1894


May 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

*Guest blogger*
Music Director: Kate Remington of Sacred Heart University

WSHU staff

Left to right: WSHU staff: Paul Litwinovitch, Chief Engineer, Kate Remington, Music Director, George Lombardi, Station Manager and Tom Kuser, Program Director

After many years, WSHU Public Radio is moving to a new broadcast facility on the campus of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. As the station’s Music Director and piano major in college, I was the obvious choice to lead the search for a piano that would be the star of our new performance studio.
I had an open mind regarding the brand, and whether an instrument was new or used. My primary goal was to find the best sounding acoustic piano we could with our generous budget, and one that would be a joy to play. I was helped in my search by Steve Salerno. Once I had narrowed down the size (approx. 7 feet) and our requirements regarding how the piano will be played by numerous professional musicians, Steve went on the hunt through Faust Harrison’s showrooms.

I tried many instruments of various brands, and it was a difficult choice, certainly. Eventually, Steve asked me to try a Yamaha C 6 that was being overhauled in the White Plains showroom. As soon as I began to play this wonderful instrument, I was in love. I’m very familiar with Yamaha pianos, and playing this one felt like coming home. I chose it for several reasons. Everyone who accompanied me as I tried piano after piano agreed that this one has a very special sound. Because this piano will be played by professionals, I also wanted a brand that they would trust, and certainly Yamaha has a wonderful reputation.

We’re very excited to be able to have live performances in our new studio soon that all our listeners will be able to enjoy.

April 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog


How to Care for your Piano!

keep your piano perfect

Keep Your Piano Perfect!

* Piano Care Recommendations from Faust Harrison Pianos Blog *

Why does a piano need to be tuned?
Newly strung pianos (including new pianos and newly rebuilt pianos) should be tuned 3-4 times the first year. Subsequently, most pianos should be tuned twice a year. Pianos that are used for performance or for recording will need to be tuned more often.

Why is the temperature important for pianos?
Pianos are damaged by extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Ideally, a piano is kept in a room in which the temperature is normal and constant (around 68° F). The temperature should not be allowed to fall below 45° F and should not exceed 90° F.

Why is the humidity important for pianos?
Extremes of humidity as well as large changes in humidity are both harmful to pianos. Ideally, a piano will be maintained in a room in which the relative humidity remains constant year-round. In a dry climate such as is found in the U.S. Southwest, a relative humidity in the 20% to 30% range is a good objective. In a varied climate such as is found in the U.S. Northeast, the relative humidity should be kept between 40% and 45%. Room humidifiers should be used whenever possible in those parts of the world in which there are cold, dry winters. The Sears Kenmore Quiet Comfort (evaporative type) humidifier works very well (the larger the better). Dehumidifiers are essential in tropical climates. Air conditioners can also be helpful – especially if they run fairly constantly. A DamppChaser unit that is properly installed helps maintain constant humidity in a piano year round (but cannot fully correct situations that are extreme).

How can sunlight harm a pianos?
Direct sunlight harms a piano’s finish (causing it to bleach and crack), while the heat that it causes destabilizes the piano interior. Therefore, if a piano must be placed in a spot where there is direct sunlight, a window shade and/or a piano cover is essential.

What happens if the interior of a piano gets dirty?
Keep fluids away from the piano. Juice, soda, even water spilled into a piano can do severe damage. Never touch the bass strings. Residue from hands and fingers causes corrosion, which can cause the bass strings to buzz and to lose clarity and power. Remove dust with a leaf blower or with the exhaust from a vacuum cleaner. If you live in a city, grime may accumulate over the years. Only a specialist should clean the interior of a piano.

How should I clean my piano keys?
The fallboard should always be open to allow free circulation of air around the keys. Keys should be cleaned only with a soft cloth, dampened very slightly with water or club soda (or Windex if the keys are really dirty). Never put fluid directly on the keys.

How should I clean my piano?
The case should be dusted with a lambs-wool duster (available in many hardware stores). To remove smudges, use a soft clean cheesecloth or an old clean cotton tee shirt (with the seams removed). Ten percent de-natured alcohol in water or Windex may be used if necessary. Do not rub across the grain and do not apply fluid directly to the piano.


*Care of a Satin Ebony Lacquer Piano Finish*
Do Not Do The Following

*Use any form of polish or oil product on this finish.
*Wipe with paper or any cloth except that specified below.
*Dust by wiping in a direction other than the one in which the surface was originally rubbed. Look at the surface striations on each part of the piano to see the proper direction.
*Do not press down firmly on the finish when dusting. The finish is soft.


*The Proper Method for Dusting and Maintaining the Finish*

*Use a folded cheesecloth, dampened lightly with distilled water (preferably).
*Place the music desk flat and close the lid entirely, including the ‘fly´ or small lid.
*Gently move the cloth lengthwise down the lid and follow each dampened cloth stroke with an un-dampened piece of cheesecloth to remove any water on the surface which might leave marks.
*The exterior rim should be dusted lengthwise as should all other parts.
*Periodically, open the piano lid and gently dust the harp or plate. Ideally, the interior can be “blown out” once a year to clean dust from around the tuning pins. A feather duster also works, but not as well as a strong blower.
*Ask your tuner to dust the soundboard at least once per year. This requires a special tool which he should bring. This will keep your piano’s interior looking new for many years.
*The only product we recommend is one made by a company named Cory. It is called Satin Sheen, and it is made specifically for satin lacquer finishes. Even here, we prefer to dilute it with distilled water. It is available over the Internet.

March 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog


Yamaha CLP665GP

Yamaha CLP665GP Polished Ebony

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP665GP Digital Grand Piano requires no tuning and with headphones you can play anytime you wish and never bother your neighbors or family members. This piano comes in a polish black ebony at a fraction of the cost of a new acoustic piano. Yamaha have been crafting acoustic pianos for over 125 years and now bring this craft into the digital realm. The Clavinova piano provides a playing experience perfect for players at all levels. They emulate the touch and tone of a grand piano to make the transition from digital to acoustic piano a seamless and enjoyable one. The ultimate symbol of piano excellence.

March 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

A Polished White Digital Grand Piano by Yamaha!

Yamaha CLP665 Grand Piano Polished White

Yamaha CLP665 Grand Piano Polished White

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP665 Polished White Digital Grand Piano requires no tuning and with headphones you can play anytime you wish and never bother your neighbors or family members at a fraction of the cost of a new acoustic grand piano! The Yamaha Clavinova provides the touch and tone of a concert grand piano. This Polished White Digital Grand Piano is a stunning showpiece for your home and will provide many years of entertainment.  Perfect for the professional player or a new beginning student; the 665GP will always bring enjoyment into your life.

Feb 2018 – Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

Did you know that we REBUILD & RESTORE “Steinway Pianos”?

Faust Harrison Pianos Blog

Steinway Piano Repair

Our modern piano rebuilding factory is home to our expert craftsmen.  We apply authentic techniques, parts and materials to painstakingly transform worn-down Golden Era Steinway’s. We transform these into glorious world-class instruments that are the best Steinway pianos available.

Our driving passion is to perfectly restore Golden Era Steinways to all their former glory. These techniques and equipment are skillfully applied by our world-class piano craftsmen.  One-by-one, we create Golden Era Steinways that have regained their entire former splendor. They stand out as truly unrivaled Steinway pianos.

We built our own piano rebuilding factory, which contrasts with nearly all other piano restorers. Most others ‘farm out’ their pianos to a medley of independent contractors of varying expertise. Authenticity, experience and consistency are what make our rebuilt Steinway pianos stand out from all the rest.

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