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C. Bechstein pianos are among the very best pianos Europe has to offer and are among the finest instruments chosen by the world’s most knowledgeable performers. For more than 150 years, Bechstein’s exceptional craftsmanship, distinctive transparency, responsive touch, and lyrical, singing voice has inspired history’s most legendary artists.

To inspire the accomplished concert artist, the serious musician, the aspiring young student-any discerning music lover who can truly appreciate a piano that is so incomparably expressive, it’s like having an orchestra at your fingertips.

C. Bechstein Concert & Residence Pianos


The C.Bechstein series represents a line of elite pianos, which are powerful and colorful, and are suited for all musical styles. The C.Bechstein aura is continuously nourished by the affection and confidence of world-famous artists and music lovers. C. Bechstein Pianos & instruments, their individual depth and an unmistakable character have inspired composers of greatest standing.

Bechstein Academy Pianos


Warm and pure, rich and full — make them universal, suitable for every musical purpose, whether for performance in private settings or as a working instrument for professionals musicians.

Art-Case Pianos

C.Bechstein creates magnificent art cases pianos.

"Piano music should only be written for the Bechstein."

-Claude Debussy

How C. Bechstein Pianos are Made




Legendary Sound: The Bechstein Difference

The Bechstein piano-making concept views a piano as more than the sum of its parts. The legendary Bechstein sound stems from the attention paid to the piano as a whole, producing a unique, unmatched sound. Excellently trained and experienced craftsmen devote the quality time required to produce a masterpiece that can beautifully withstand the test of time. The careful calibration of the sound body and action assembly specifically are essential in creating premium musical instruments.

Bechstein History

Bechstein’s rich history and dedication reveals why it has become Europe’s best known and largest piano producer.


In 1853, Carl Bechstein used his expertise in sound and touch to develop a revolutionary piano worthy of the greatest Romantic composers. Due to his innovation, pianos became a staple of musical expression. Bechstein hand-crafted his luxury masterpieces, a tradition still carried on by modern masters. Since its brilliant conception, Bechstein pianos have been setting the bar for the piano manufacturing industry.

Bechstein’s rich history and dedication reveals why it has become Europe’s best known and largest piano producer.

Bechstein was founded in 1853 by Carl Bechstein, a young German piano maker who, in the exploding world of piano technology of his day, had visions of building an instrument that the tradition-bound piano-making shops of Berlin were not interested in. Through fine workmanship and the endorsement of famous pianists, Bechstein soon became one of the leading piano makers in Europe, producing over 5,000 pianos annually by 1900. The two World Wars and the Depression virtually destroyed the company, but it was successfully rebuilt. In 1963 it was acquired by Baldwin, and in 1986 Baldwin sold it to Karl Schulze, a leading West German piano retailer and master piano technician, who undertook a complete technical and financial reorganization of the company. In the early 1990s, Bechstein acquired the names and factories of Euterpe, W. Hoffmann, and Zimmermann. Pianos with these names are currently being sold in Europe, but only W. Hoffmann is sold in North America. In 2006 Bechstein purchased a controlling interest in the Czech piano maker Bohemia, and integrated it into a new entity called C.Bechstein Europe Ltd.

Bechstein produces its own hammers (the only European piano manufacturer to do so), made individually and optimized for shape and weight. This allows for elaborate processing of the finest materials and continuous consultation with tone and voicing specialists. The result is audible quality improvements of dynamics, volume and the spectrum of dynamic tone colors.

Bechstein’s Research and Development department is staffed by master piano makers who use state of the art technology to improve its manufacturing process. The company even surpasses the requirements of the German piano-making standards in personnel training; each technician trained at Bechstein is also a pianist who participates in music competitions hosted by the company. The Bechstein dedication to excellence extends from concept to quality control and technician to performer.