We are NY's largest piano retailer, with stores in NYC, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut.
We are also America's largest piano restoration company.

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Why Us?

We Are Unique

We believe that we stand alone in the piano industry, because:

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  • We have one of the world’s largest inventories of vintage Steinway pianos, a substantial inventory of new Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Estonia, Brodmann, and Seiler pianos, and many nearly-new, used and refurbished pianos from a variety of manufacturers.
  • We handpick much of our inventory.  This is particularly important since no two acoustic pianos are the same, especially the higher-end and handcrafted pianos. 
  • We own our own 12,000-foot state of the art restoration facility, where our expert, highly-skilled craftsmen utilize our proprietary machinery and processes to rebuild our vintage pianos to their full original glory.
  • We rebuild almost every type of piano (including those with precious artcase details and/or with complicated pinblocks) for individuals and institutions throughout the U.S.
  • Our pricing is competitive and honest.  We gladly provide the prices of our pianos to all our customers for every one of our used and rebuilt pianos.  This sets us far apart from many of our peers, many of whom have less open pricing approaches. 
  • Our trade-up policy is especially significant.  Not only can our clients trade up their pianos for up to five years for full value, the selection of superb new and rebuilt pianos to which they can trade is vast and includes many of the finest pianos in the world.
  • Our tuning and service department is as terrific as our pianos. It works to the highest ‘concert quality’ standard at prices that are highly competitive.
  • Our team of piano professionals collectively contains one of the largest repositories of piano knowledge and expertise in the world.  There are many different piano types, and there is so much information about each one, that people in the market for a piano can become overwhelmed.  It is heartening to our clients as they navigate through the details to have access to a staff such as ours that can help them to make a genuinely informed decision in identifying and buying just the ‘right’ piano for themselves and their families. 
  • Our multi-national reputation for quality, selection, service, value and integrity is extremely important to us and it grows with every passing year.   
  • We have built a company that will be around for a long time.  This is particularly important and reassuring to our clients since the ‘useful life’ of the pianos we sell isn’t measured in years but in decades.

What We Offer
We take great pride in having become the country’s leading retailer of new and restored high-end pianos.  We carry complete lines of new, used and rebuilt pianos. 

  • New pianos.  We carry only the lines of pianos that we feel provide our customers with the best quality and value in their particular category.
  • Used pianos.  Since no two pianos are the same, of the used pianos that are offered to us, we carefully select only the ones that meet (or have the potential to meet) our high quality and performance standards.  Our nearly new and used ‘value’ pianos are prepped and detailed to be best they can be without incurring the expense of a complete rebuilding.  Our rebuilt pianos are brought to a standard that assures that their new owners will derive many years of excellent use and pleasure from them, and we back them with a strong Faust Harrison guarantee.
  • Rebuilt pianos.  We set the industry standard for rebuilding quality.  Our processes are proprietary; having been developed and refined over the past 30 years.  This benefits our clients alone; unlike most other rebuilders, we do not offer our rebuilding services to other dealers.  The market has clearly recognized our rebuilding quality and value; while we sell our rebuilt pianos at prices that are competitive with prices of other rebuilders, they generally re-sell in the secondary market for considerable premiums to pianos rebuilt by others.  The “Faust Harrison rebuilt Steinway” has become a highly sought-after brand in and of itself.
  • Piano Services.  We offer practically every type of piano service, from tunings and minor repairs and adjustments to complete rebuilding and refinishing.  Each service that we offer is performed to the highest standards in the industry and at competitive prices. 

We present our website as a "virtual showroom" where we invite you to browse through our galleries of pianos.  There is information about our restoration and other piano-related services, and important suggestions on how to care for your piano. You will also find information about our exceptional concert series where you can enjoy performances by a wide variety of distinguished pianists. 

You are welcome to sign up for our custom emails if you would like us to contact you about any of our special events or to be notified about updates to our piano inventory. 

Why the Piano Retailer You Choose is Important
In buying a piano, the sound, touch and look of a piano and the reputation of the manufacturer are clearly important considerations.  The quality of the piano dealer can be just as important.  The highest quality dealership provides truly objective guidance in piano choice, has a large selection of inventory and assures that pianos are properly prepped and in the best possible condition, provides excellent after-sale service, and prices its pianos fairly.  It is important to be able to count on the dealership being there for the long term:

  • To address post-sale service issues, even if they don’t surface for many months or even years
  • For future upgrades/trade-in’s; the dealer that sold the client his or her piano should apply the highest possible ‘credit’ for the piano on a trade-in or trade up.  The dealer should also have an ample selection of great pianos to trade up to.
  • For warranty support – particularly with regard to used or rebuilt pianos.

With many piano dealers suffering and falling by the wayside over the past couple of years, it is especially important to work with a retailer, such as Faust Harrison Pianos that is rock-solid. 

  • We are one of the largest and most diversified independent piano dealers in the country.
  • We have no debt and we own our entire inventory - a great feat, considering that so many piano dealers are heavily leveraged.
  • Our business is profitable and has continued to grow even through the economic downturn.  We have benefited from a ‘flight to quality’ of clients that seek to buy from a dealer that they know will be around for the long term.
  • We are owned and operated by pianists (indeed, each of our salespeople is an accomplished pianist), so while profit is important, it is never more important to us than our reputation and the quality of our pianos.

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