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Faust Harrison Pianos is the exclusive authorized Mason & Hamlin dealer in New York City, Westchester, Long Island and Southern Connecticut.

Our New Mason’s Are Better
Because Our Old Mason’s Are Better

The proprietary knowledge and expertise that resides in the Faust Harrison restoration center has proven to be an invaluable asset to our new pianos. In providing this expertise to some of the new piano manufacturers that we represent, we have helped them design and produce better pianos. Furthermore, in applying our expertise to the new pianos that we sell, we assure that they’re prepped as well as they can be and that they’re given the best possible after-sale service and support. We want our new pianos to be great when we sell them, but also, they must continue to be great for many years in the homes and venues in which they are placed.

After the Second World War, and especially during the 1960’s and 1970’s, piano manufacturing in much of the world was seriously inferior to what it had previously been. Many piano makers disappeared during the Depression and the few that survived had lost some of their expertise and critical human resources.

Mason & Hamlin was one of these hobbled survivors. The basic designs of their pianos were still wonderful, but the execution of the designs had become substandard. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Sara Faust eagerly supported the new owners of Mason & Hamlin in their efforts to resurrect the piano. She critiqued their progress and shared with them Faust Harrison’s proprietary piano building know-how. The success that they ultimately achieved in resurrecting the Mason & Hamlin piano was wonderful.

The new Mason & Hamlin pianos are now extremely well built and are as deeply soulful as the quintessential vintage Mason & Hamlins that were adored by Rubenstein and Rachmaninoff. “I performed on a new Mason & Hamlin BB in NYC a few years ago,” Sara remembers. “Arthur Rubenstein’s daughters were in the audience. It was through the soul in that piano that I was able to touch them and the audience, and I will never forget the emotional connection that I made with them that night.”

The terrific new Mason & Hamlin pianos truly rival the great old ones and are a delight for us to sell alongside our restored pianos. Just as we are part of what Mason & Hamlin has become, Mason & Hamlin is part of what we’ve become.

Clearly an institutional link between makers of new and restored pianos can be invaluable. We’ve learned, and continue to learn, from our manufacturers, just as they’ve learned, and continue to learn from us. And the buyer of a new piano surely benefits when their dealer is also a major piano rebuilder. Typical retailers of new pianos don’t have the resources to provide the level of prep and service that a strong, restoration-grounded dealership provides. Because of who we are, our new pianos sound and feel better than most new pianos sold elsewhere; they continue to sound and feel great long after they’re sold because we support and service them long after they’re sold. And, of course, should a serious problem arise in a piano, no one is better equipped to address it than a dealer with the resources and experience of a major rebuilder.

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